Monday, May 23, 2011

Nak pergi ! ! Tapi . . .

Hey guys . . 
Diha rasa penat pula hari ini . . 
tapi Diha tetap kuatkan diri untuk menaip news entry :)
dah 5 hari tak update . . 
kali ini topik Diha . . 
Nak Pergi ! ! Tapi . . . . .  .tak kesampaian . . 
*apa yang tak kesampaian tu ?
adess , sedih pula nak taip . . . 
Konsert Shinee akan diadakan di Kuala Lumpur Malaysia pada September ni ! !
dalam kepala otak Diha ni dah mula nak kumpul duit . . .
tup tup !
bulan September Diha trial la ! !
nak pergi ! !
:( :( sedih gila laaa ~
berikut adalah penyataan bahawa kumpulan Shinee akan buat konsert . . 

K-popped! and four lucky K-pop fans were exclusively invited to lunch with an established
 event management rep as well as a popular media station rep on
 April 24 to chat about SHINee’s upcoming concert in Malaysia!
SHINee1 SHINee concert in Malaysia in September 2011
COMING SOON: Set to shine on us are the SHINee boys
S. M. Entertainment and the local event management company have been working very closely for months to ensure that the concert will materialize in conjunction with SHINee’s second repackaged Lucifer album entitled Hello. The album was released in October 2010.
The SHINee cutie pies who *cough* shone with their hit songs like Ring Ding Dong,Lucifer and Hello are tentatively set to rock the stage in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in September. Previously scheduled for Aug 31, the concert is postponed due to Eid Mubarak (Aidilfitri).
We promise to keep you abreast with details about the concert, so stay tuned for the latest news!
Will SHINee’s concert be one of the greatest K-pop events of 2011? It all depends on YOU!
Worry not about the ticket prices, peeps! News has it that the tix will be sold at affordable prices.
So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to save those pennies for a “SHINee” day icon razz SHINee concert in Malaysia in September 2011 . Also, take the poll below to tell us whether you’re supporting the SHINee concert…or not.
See ? ? macam mana nak pergi ? ? 
aduhh ! dah la konsert Super Junior 28hb ni tak dapat pergi :(
sedihhhh ! !

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